Conscious Currency

Conscious Club believes in the power of community to bring about change.  

Conscious Currency is the emerging giving economy, encouraging selfless acts of kindness, paying-it-forward and tracking the positive effects across the world.

How it Works

PURCHASE currency
All proceeds go towards creating more Conscious Currency and funding The Do-Good-Challenge.

do good for someone, big or small
You have the power to initiate change by sharing your skills, stories and kindness while inspiring others to do the same.

Take a selfie, photo or film your deed
Capture the moment and help spread the message. Record along with the tracking number and save  to post. 
GIFT your Currency, ask them to also
Following the act, gift the currency to the recipient of the deed and ask them to do something similar in the future.

Post to social media including hashtags
#consciouscurrency #CC___________
Each currency has a tracking number to be included in the hashtag.

Currency Gallery

Abby Hosie