Do Good Challenge

The Do Good Challenge is an initiative actively encouraging the community to bring about change in the world. 

Conscious Club collaborates with ambitious people offering innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. Empowered with $500 donated by the Conscious Club, individuals go out into the community to complete their challenge, before returning to report on their experiences.

How it Works

Winners announced
Apply here with the specifics of your concept. Winners are announced at each Conscious Club Live.

Make a difference
With the donation of $500, winners head out into the community to enrich the lives of others.

6 week
The challenge must be completed in 6 weeks and the funds many not finance the challenger in any way.

Present to
the club
To build awareness, we capture your story and the challenge, screening it at the next event.

take the challenge 

Apply NOW
Feel you are ready to make a difference? Share the details of your challenge. We will process your application and be back to your shortly.