400 guests gathered to bathe under a starlit canopy, surrounded by sound & good vibrations that shifted their consciousness & made a positive contribution to our community. 

Matt GongGuru Omo performed a beautiful sacred sound healing, whilst NADAV and his band picked up the beat with their vedic indie tunes. Music of the Plants from Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity showed us how plants could sing, Emanuel Lieberfreund played the most magical of wind instruments and we experienced wonderful vibrations with Adrian Anteros PüreHeãrt Alchemy on the didgeridoo! A remarkable evening, made even better with treats from Star Anise Organic Wholefoods and Moksha Ayurveda Teas, not to mention our very cool conscious community in coming together and sharing this amazing experience! Finally, thank you to the wonderful photographer Alice Boshell Photography for capturing this amazing evening so beautifully. If you see someone you know in these images, give them a tag and share the love!

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